Miracle Baby Victor

Miracle baby Victor

The things that happen when you stand on God’s promises! The doctors gave us a 3% chance of conceiving! And here we are holding our first born in our arms! Victor Jacques van der Sandt was born 8th of September. He is healthy and very strong! My pregnancy was without issues, smooth sailing you may say and I kept on training till the end, daily standing on the Lord’s provision for us. Now I still listen to your Audio Messages and standing on the Word also for breast feeding and of course our second baby in the near future! And wherever I go I speak the Truth, it is all very exciting! I thank the Lord for your obedience and for this ministry! May you be abundantly blessed!

P.S. Our story was very similar to your, my husbands sperm count was extremely low and the motility of the available sperm was a case of it having either two heads or three tails, which cause our chances of being 3%. I was also already 40, 41 when Victor was born, so from a medical (worldly perspective) it seemed almost impossible. What made it even more challenging is the fact that my husband works abroad…and is away from home from 6-12weeks at a time.

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