FAQ 30 – How do I let go and let God?

Are you tired of praying, trying to stay positive, trying to trust God month after month?

Do you find yourself feeling great for a couple of months but then find you can then become easily discouraged, lose hope and crash emotionally?

If we are all honest with ourselves then I am sure we have all been there at some stage in our journey.  If so, don’t condemn yourself because you are not alone.

Sometimes we can become so fixated on our breakthrough that we fall into performance mode. This is when we start doing everything we can in our own ability and strength. This includes all the God-things like praying, declaring, fasting and trying to build our faith to name a few.  These are things that any believer can easily do BUT it is very easy to get stuck on the treadmill of self-effort where we continue in this mode month after month and sometimes year after year with no breakthrough in sight. We can also find ourselves starting to play the blame game by either blaming God or blaming ourselves. We blame God when we place the outcome on ‘His will’, “His plan” or upon ‘His timing’.  We blame ourselves when we become introspective and focus on what we might be missing or on what we could be doing better. However, both views are like a double edged sword because they can keep us trapped in our own natural ability and upon the same performance treadmill.  

Does this speak to you? If so are you ready to jump off this treadmill once and for all and learn how to “let go” and “let God”?

How do you “let go” and “let God” you might ask? Its as simple as stop striving in your own might, power and ability and learn how to let God’s might, power and ability flow instead!

This solution is simple and sometimes this answer appears so simple that the performance side of us can’t let go from all the striving. Surely we can help God out, right? Surely there is something we can do on our part to help God along? Surely we can keep pushing and striving and praying hard enough so that one day this blockage will weaken and we’ll then see the breakthrough? Nope! Isn’t this what you have already been doing all along? As far as the natural circumstances go, where has this gotten you?

First we need to change the way we how see God and what we believe about how He works (or doesn’t work). This is because what we believe about God will fuel how we act and respond to our circumstances and also how we act towards Him. This is why many continue to push (Pray Until Something Happens) by trying to move the hand of God or trying to make something happen.  But this is the wrong focus because it places us on the wrong side of the Cross.

Always remember that God has already answered ALL your prayers when He sent His son (His Word) into this fallen world! Jesus is God’s answer to you and to every prayer need you will ever have. His work is FINISHED and this includes all God’s actions towards your fertility issues! God has ALREADY dealt with ALL the sickness and diseases including those that cause barrenness and miscarriage through the finished work of the Cross! The price has been paid and the victory ALREADY won for you! So the truth is that all the praying, declaring, fasting, asking and begging you do does NOT move God. God has ALREADY moved on your behalf over 2000 years ago. If you can come to a place where this truth becomes revelation it will change the way you pray forever! This will also help you to be established in God’s love toward you knowing that He is ALWAYS with you, for you and on your side!

Secondly, we need to continually renew our mind with the truth that God CANNOT withhold the healing blood of Jesus from us. He CANNOT break or altar His Covenant! This means that He also CANNOT block, stop, or delay what He has already freely provided and established through His son. The work Jesus did on the cross including healing of barrenness is not a future tense promise to be fulfilled but a past tense PROVISION waiting for us to lay hold of it.  Can you now see why we don’t need to pray, beg or ask God for what we have already  inherited? What we are lacking and the ONLY THING we need from God is REVELATION on this truth so we can then learn how to make use of it to see this outworking in our lives!

Don’t jump ahead, don’t strive, stop trying to make things happen. You can’t any yay so please give up! Striving in your own self ability and performance will only wear you out! God’s power and the supernatural does NOT flow by your might or by your power BUT by the Spirit of the Lord! And where does the Spirit of Lord reside? He dwells IN YOU!

So how do you rest in God’s power IN YOU to let it flow and not get caught back up in your own self-effort and performance?

It is through relationship!

What will be the most beneficial to you in life as well as in your journey is to learn how to lean on Him by learning how to hear His voice and how to draw encouragement from Him. This will require you to to ‘be still’ at times in His presence by not ‘doing’ but by ‘being’ with Him. Allow God  the time to reveal Himself to you and show you how to “let go” of your striving, your worry and all your fears. As you learn to hear Him the Spirit of God Himself can then lead you in your victory by showing you what to do or not do and also where to go or to not go. You cannot rush this journey. This is a wonderful life-long journey of discovering the goodness of God and what He has done through His son for you. Jesus said before He left this earth that the role of His Spirit among many things is to lead you into all truth and take from what is His and what belongs to Him and make it KNOWN to you. Your breakthrough may be determined by “Will you let Him?”

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