Miracle Baby Nathan


Miracle After Losing 3 Babies!

Ranjita from India writes,

I wanted to share my testimony about how God has been so good to me and my husband, Menino.

Menino and I were married in 2007 and we have lost 3 babies. When we were first told we were pregnant in my first pregnancy, we were happy and excited but around 8 weeks the doctor could not find a heart beat so I underwent a D&C. We were hurt and broken on why it had happened but we went on in life.

The second time when we were we given the news that we were pregnant, we were excited again. We were working in the Cayman islands and I decided to come home to India so my family could take care of me and the baby. My husband continued to work in the CI. At 20 weeks we were sent for the scan but they broke the news that we should not go on with the pregnancy because there were many complications. The baby also had many health problems and we were not given much hope that our baby would survive. But trusting God for a miracle we decided to keep the baby and were praying and asking God to heal our baby. Every time we went to the doctors they gave us the same bad news and wondered why we still kept the baby. But we were determined to see a miracle as I believed God could do all things. Around the 8 month mark I felt labour pain and was taken to the hospital. After the whole night of being in labour and still hoping I’d see my miracle, our baby was born but but she did not survive past a few hours of birth. I was broken, hurt and so angry on why did this happened to me. I went home still searching for answers. People all around me said it was God and that He knew what was best for us. However, I could not understand why my heavenly father would bless me to be a mother and then give me complications in the pregnancy and to my baby and then take my baby away. I needed answers. Soon we got pregnant again. This time we prayed and believed God and when we visited the doctor at first all looked good but then at the 20 weeks scan we were given the same news as the previous pregnancy. I did not know how to hold my self together. Again I put all that I had to trust God, praying and believing that this time God would surely turn things around and we’d have a miracle baby and prove to all the doctors and people around us to be wrong and show that the God we serve is a good God, He loves us and wanted us to have children.  Time went into the pregnancy and nothing changed. At 8 months into the pregnancy I had some pain and tests revealed there was a blockage in my intestines that had to be removed. I went into labour and this time I did not know how to react to all that was happening to me. People were praying for me and the baby. However, our baby was born and did not survive past a few hours. She too went to be with the Lord. Later the doctor had the blockage removed. I did not know why all of this was happening to us because we are good people who feared the Lord. But in all of this we never blamed God even though many people around us said otherwise.  I knew this was not from God.

While looking for answers I came across your book, God’s Plan for Pregnancy. I got a copy for myself and started reading it. I started understanding the truth that it was not what I do that can move God. He had already done what we needed to have our healthy baby. Then came 2015 and I received a word that this would be the year of my restoration. I held onto that word and the truth was a part of me. In March 2015 we got pregnant and this time I kept reminding myself of the truth I had learnt from your book and that it is my Abba’s will for me to have a healthy, full term baby. This time we went to another doctor. We had mentioned what happened in our previous pregnancies so he kept a close watch. But we serve a great God who is alive! Every doubt that the doctor had, our God proved him wrong! The doctor was surprised that all the tests came back normal. At the 20 week scan the doctor took all the measurements and kept asking me questions. This time my husband was with me and I kept reminding myself that my baby was perfectly made in God’s image and likeness – perfect in every way. At the end of the scan after I asked how my baby was he said my baby was perfect. He showed us our baby’s hands, feet and head and said “All was good”. I could see my Victory that my Jesus won for me on the Cross. Throughout the pregnancy all was well. I held onto God’s Word, enjoyed the pregnancy without any morning sickness, nothing! Then on December 2nd, 2015, our precious baby son was born. We named him Nathan Zeke. Nathan means “God has Given”.  He is such a blessing to us and is perfect in every way. God answered our prayers. He has proved Himself Faithful!

Thank you Nerida for your book, God’s Plan for Pregnancy. It helped me build my faith. God bless you and your family you are such a blessing to me and my husband. My God is a good God!


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