Help, I’m discouraged! My pastors struggled to conceive & miscarried their baby. What hope is there for me?!


FAQ 28 – Help me I’m discouraged! My pastors struggled for years to conceive & just miscarried their baby. What hope is there for me?!

I know when those whom we admire and look up to face difficulties how it can be challenging to our faith. Especially when we begin to compare our lives to theirs. However, we should never look to or compare ourselves to what anyone else experiences. This is not a blessed way to judge our own circumstances.  The sad reality is that no one is immune to suffering. Pastors and leaders are also not exempt from facing childbearing challenges like infertility and miscarriage. We all live in the same fallen world where sickness and diseases like infertility and miscarriage are no respecter of persons.

However, in God’s Kingdom there is always Good News! God is not a respecter of persons either. Through the finished work of the Cross God made provision for healing for us all! ANYONE who believes in Jesus can lay hold of the victory He PROVIDED. Additionally, every single believer has already been equipped and empowered with the same Holy Spirit as Jesus!  This means that we all have the same potential to do what Jesus did and that includes seeing His supernatural nature and power outworking in our lives. We can be a believer for 5 minutes or 15 years! Our only qualification for Salvation and to experience healing is to believe in Jesus.

I therefore encourage us all to only look to Jesus! He is the author and Perfecter of our faith. He endured the Cross, bore the shame and conquered infertility and miscarriage for us. He has already paid the price and won the victory. He finished all the work and that is why He is now seated and resting at the right hand of the father (Hebrews 12:2). So don’t look  to what others experience or even upon your own circumstances and experiences. Instead only focus on the solution which is Jesus and His finished work!

I also wanted to mention that no one has every area of their lives perfected. We are all on our own journey of growing in God’s Kingdom and learning how it outworks in our lives. So please let your pastors and leaders off the hook! They need prayer and encouragement just like everyone else. Every believer (regardless of their title and position) has to learn how to grow in revelation, understanding and in the application of Jesus finished work.  So for this reason don’t allow what happens to others (good or bad) to discourage you.  Keep your journey between you and the Lord.  Look to Him and let Him reveal Jesus to you in your own personal circumstances. Spend time being still in His presence, learn how to discern His voice so that you can follow His leading to see His power released to transform your own life.

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