Miracle Baby Oscar

Miracle Baby Oscar

Ben and Christine write…

We started our journey to become parents about a year after we were married knowing we faced male factor infertility. We soon discovered that I also had some unexplained fertility issues including endometriosis and poor egg quality.

Initially we were solely focused on the medical support through IVF and trusting that our doctors knew best. But after a number of biochemical pregnancies both Ben and I realised there was more to it then all this. Both being active members of our Christian community and a praying couple we just felt deep down that one day we would be parents and felt God’s promise of this. And after a few years of seeking we discovered Nerida’s book and ministry website and we learnt all about God’s Plan for Pregnancy.

We began attending the Saturday meetings in Pennant Hills which strengthened our faith and knowledge that through Jesus’ finished work and God’s promises we would have our child.

Early in 2014 we went through an IVF cycle and things were the best they had ever been as we entered the 8 week scan I was nervous, but quietly hopeful. Unfortunately at this scan they couldn’t find a heartbeat and told us that was it and I should expect a period to start in the next week. We refused to accept this at the time, and went into Easter praying and hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, after a few weeks although I hadn’t started bleeding it was clear the baby had passed and I would have to have surgery. Which ended up being the week before Mother’s Day.

This was a dark time, as it was the furthest we had ever gotten and it took us both a few months to get over it. We decided to give it one more shot early this year (2015) and this time I went into it all, just placing it into the Lord’s hands. To be honest there is nothing Ben, I or the doctor, nurses etc can do, only through our faithful God was it possible.

Overall, I would have to say that cycle was the best we have had in the 10 years we have been on this journey. Not only do we have our beautiful son, Oscar to show for it, but even the doctor was surprised at the overall result we had.  But we know it was through Jesus’ finished work and God’s promise to us that it was all possible.

Unfortunately or fortunately the story doesn’t completely end there. In the third trimester of the pregnancy I began having issues with my blood pressure and ended up on medication. At 35 weeks and 4 days I had a really bad pain in my chest which sent me to hospital where we discovered I had a condition known as HELLP. For both mine and the baby’s sake he had to be delivered early the next morning via Caesarean Section. Although it wasn’t the best delivery, I know the Lord intervened and was with us here too. Ben was working away and arrived just in time to be prepared to come to theatre with me and see the baby when it was born and after a slight complication with a bowel obstruction following the surgery, by the start of the following week I was back up and beginning to come off my blood pressure tablets. At this time I learnt that HELLP is life threatening for both baby and mother and in my case the midwives and doctors at the hospital were rather concerned for me as they watched my condition change on the night I went in. I on the other hand, trusted that the Lord would see both my baby and I through and now we are home and about to enjoy our first Christmas with him, I can attest that God was with us that night and throughout the many weeks that followed.

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