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The price has been paid and the victory ALREADY won for you!

Vanessa from the Uk writes,

After listening to Nerida’s Audio Messages and reading her book, It is Finished  a few times she explained and went through what jesus has done for us and the victory we have in him what he did on the cross. She said how Jesus paid the price for every sickness that we can face in this world, and by faith by trusting in him we can experience healing in our life.

I put this to work in a swollen gland I had under my armpit and normally when I have these they are painful and last for weeks but when I realised jesus paid the price for this too I did not submit to it and spoke over the lump and commanded it to leave my body in jesus name. As soon has I did this my lump felt like it slightly decreased in size and after about 5 days still speaking over it and not submitting to it, it completely vanished from under my arm.

I would just like to thank you Nerida for all your resources and helping me to realise all about the nature of jesus, I could not live without jesus in my life now and it has completely change my whole life learning about him daily. I thank god for leading me to nerida. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Nerida!

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