God’s Plan of Redemption for Mankind

Do you want to know God’s will, Plan and purpose for your life? You will discover this when you understand God’s Plan of Redemption for mankind. In fact, knowing this is the Foundation to understanding the answers to most questions that believers might have.

God’s Plan of Redemption of Mankind

1) CREATION – God created ALL THINGS to be good. He also created mankind to be fruitful! Sickness, disease, infertility and miscarriage did not exist because God did not create them (Genesis 1:26-28).

2) THE FALL – Barrenness and all of its causes are consequences of the fall. Death entered through sin (Romans 5:12). This is the reason why many are suffering today! We live in a fallen world, with fallen men and there is an adversary.

3) REDEMPTION – God sent Jesus as the solution and He redeemed mankind from the Fall, That’s right! Jesus was the LAST ADAM that came and redeemed mankind from everything that the first Adam brought upon us. The price has been paid and the victory already won for you. The PROVISION has already been made available. God has done all the work and He now wants you to freely partake in and make use of it.

4)  ALL BELIEVERS – have been equipped and empowered with the SAME HOLY Spirit who empowered Jesus. The same Spirit of power that enabled Jesus to heal the sick and who also who raised Jesus from the dead now dwells within you (Romans 8:11). So you now have everything you need in Jesus to be able to walk in victory over any sickness or infertility issue.

5) NEW COVENANT – We have everything we need through Jesus’ finished work and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to walk in victory over barrenness!  If we are not seeing this manifesting in our lives it is NEVER because God has stepped in and is withholding the healing blood of Jesus or preventing it from outworking in our lives!

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Always remember that God CANNOT take back what He has already freely provided!

Romans 11:29 in The Message says: ” God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded.”

It is also important to know that God does not choose who to bless or who not to bless because He does not show partiality or favouritism. This means what God has provided for us is freely available to all who believe in Him.

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