FAQ – I am unable to have children is this God’s way of saying no?


FAQ – I am unable to have children is this God’s way of saying no?

Unfortunately many teach and believe that God has 3 main answers to prayer; “Yes, No or wait” but when you understand Jesus finished work and how God has bound Himself to Covenants then you will know that this is a man made view and not Scriptural.

One thing I learnt during my own journey is not to judge how God works in our lives through what we may experience or what we have been diagnosed with. This is because God is not choosing or controlling all the outcomes  in our life, especially when it comes to adverse circumstances like infertility, miscarriage or other forms of sickness and disease. How we can rightly judge God’s will, plan and purpose for our life is through the eyes of the finished work of the Cross and what Jesus died for and redeemed us from.  Put simply God’s answer to every area of life (not just fertility) is JESUS! So when you understand who He is, what He has done and what He has equipped us with you will then know you already have everything you need for your breakthrough.

When you understand this then how you see your natural circumstances change is through your personal relationship with the Father. Allow him to reveal this to you personally so that this information can become revelation. Also learn how to follow His leading so that He can lead you in your victory every step of the way.

To understand this further and to answer your question in more detail I have some resources which I have made available to help you. Below are just some that will empower you to renew your mind with the truth of God’s Plan for your Conception, Pregnancy, Childbirth and beyond!

To understand God”s plan for you in all these areas refer to my book, God’s Plan for Pregnancy www.godsplanforpgrencncy.com here.

To understand more on Redefining God’s Sovereignty and Prayer refer to my Audio message with the same title here –  http://neridawalker.cartloom.com/shop/item/118411 (From my Audio Prayer Series Transforming Your Prayer Life)

To understand God’s plan for your fertility and Conception and how to see it outworking in your life refer to my audio series with 10 messages on “Faith & Fertility” here –  http://neridawalker.com/faith-fertility-usb/

To read testimonies from others who have overcome in this area refer to the testimonies tab on this site and also on www.newlifeministries.org.au

To download and listen to testimonies from other couples who have overcome infertility and miscarriage and other pregnancy complications click here

To view some teaching videos and testimonies visit my YouTube Channel here

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