FAQ Someone said “Babies are a gift but not guaranteed” Is this true?


‘Someone recently told me that “Babies are a gift but are not a guarantee”. Is this true?’

The short answer is that God’s provision for Fruitfulness is a guarantee BUT it is not guaranteed that every couple will experience fruitfulness.

In fact, knowing God’s plan of redemption for mankind is a crucial key to understanding fruitfulness.

It is vital that whenever you come across someone’s advice, blog post, teaching or opinion always rightly divide the information you receive through the filter of Jesus’ finished work and your position within the New Covenant.

Jesus said that the traditions and doctrines of men make His word to no effect. Statements like this one you were given also make Jesus’ finished work to no effect! They can also cause confusion and make God’s will hard to understand. The Good news however, is that God’s plan, purpose and will for your life is very easily determined. Read my blog post “God’s will is known” here – http://hannahsvictory.com/blog/2013/04/30/gods-will-is-known/.

God’s Plan for Fruitfulness is for ALL Mankind!

Once again, it is very important that you have an understanding of what God’s will is for your life which includes fruitfulness as part of the New Covenant.  In short, God’s will for your life is Jesus! So when you know who He is and what He has provided for you through the Cross then you will know what is already freely available to you today!

You will understand this easier when you understand God’s plan of Redemption for Mankind. Please take time to read my post on this. Click Here to read this now.

When you know God’s Plan of Redemption for mankind then you will also know that God has already won the battle for us and given us everything we need to experience our breakthrough. However, this does not guarantee that every couple will experience healing or have children of their own because what each couple does with Jesus’ finished work is up to them. God has already finished and completed His work but He cannot force His blessings upon people. 1 Corinthians 13:5 in The Message says Love “Does not force itself on others”. God is love and He cannot force His will or way upon us. We need to learn how to be led by Him to see His power released in our lives. If couples are not experiencing fruitfulness it is NEVER because God is blocking healing or fruitfulness. The main reason is due to a sickness, disease or complication operating somewhere in either the husband or wife’s life. God is never the cause of the problem but He is the solution.

While the provision for healing of barrenness is already freely available, this does not mean the breakthrough will automatically manifest on its own. You can be certain however, that God is not the cause of the problem or delay of the breakthrough. Therefore, spend time with Him so He can reveal Himself to you as the author of healing and fruitfulness. Also so that He can reveal to you how to see His power be released to transform your natural circumstances.

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