FAQ 18 – I need you to come into agreement with me and pray for me!


I love praying with people and helping them connect with the Father but unfortunately I am unable to pray for everyone who asks or who would like me to. I have written this post not because I am against people asking for prayer BUT to help those who may need a breakthrough and are unable to find someone to pray with them. My passion is to teach other believers on their position and authority in God’s Kingdom so that they can experience the breakthrough they need.

Always remember

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results”. James 5:16b NLT

Sometimes when we need a breakthrough in our lives we can feel alone, overwhelmed and powerless, so we look for someone to pray for us or come into agreement with us. While it is always wonderful to have other believers who are like-minded pray with us, sometimes we may not be able to contact the people we need when we need them the most.

While praying together with other believers is a great source of encouragement and mutual blessing, never underestimate your own authority as a believer. In fact what I believe will be more powerful, especially in moments like these is to remind yourself of the following:

1. Your own position in Christ;

2 Your authority within His Kingdom.

You might also find it encouraging to know that when it comes to your own life and your own body that you have more authority over it than anyone else! It is your life and it is your body; God has entrusted you and given you complete authority over it and to steward it!

Additionally, believers have the same Spirit of God living within them so this means that we all have the same potential to experience the same end results!

A friend I had met through ministry began to experience a threatened miscarriage. She had already experienced several losses prior to this so at first panic set in. She had been diagnosed with antibodies, chromosomal issues and other disorders that would prevent her from carrying a healthy baby to term so she knew she needed a miracle. Everyone she tried to contact to stand in agreement with her were either unavailable or not answering their phones so her fears grew and she felt overwhelmed and defeated. But praise God, when she cried out to Him for help He revealed that Her relationship with Him was more than enough for her breakthrough. He reminded her of what she knew to be true in in His Word and that the Holy Spirit was given to be her comforter:  counselor, helper, intercessor, advocate, strengthener and standby (John  15:26 Amp). She then realised that she did not always need a man or woman to come into agreement and pray with her because she could come into agreement with the Holy Spirit Himself!

Alongside this, she could also come into agreement with what His Word said about her situation.

Peace and rest flooded her heart and this enabled her to co-labour with Him in spite of her fears and natural circumstances. Soon all the symptoms stopped and her baby remained safe in her womb for the full duration of her pregnancy. She gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl!

Are you a believer in Jesus?

Then like my friend you too ALREADY have everything you need for your breakthrough!

1. Know your Position in Christ

Jesus is seated far above all rule, power and authority in Heaven and on earth (Eph 1:21-23) and you are seated WITH HIM in Heavenly places (Eph 2:6).

2. Know your power and authority in Christ

You are a joint-heir with Jesus, which means you have access to His Kingdom, His power and His authority here on this earth so that you can continue to advance His kingdom:-

You have authority to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease! – Matthew 10:1

You have been given power to tread and trample over all the power of the enemy – Luke 10:19.

How you may ask?

Through the ministry of His indwelling Holy Spirit! Therefore, your breakthrough is not determined by others praying with you. The breakthrough is in your heart and in your mouth. When you are a  believer , then you can say what Jesus says and do what Jesus would do!

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