Grace Revealed in Numbers

Just like names, numbers are important in Scripture.  They represent God’s Plan of Redemption for mankind.

Some of the information below has been taken from Numbers in Scripture by E.W.  Bullinger


The Number 5 is God’s number for GRACE.  Since it is (4+1), or the combination of man (4) and God (1).

Because man has 5 fingers, 5 toes, and 5 senses the number 5 on one hand represents human weakness dependence and inability, while on the other it demonstrates God’s strength and ability in His Grace.

Examples: The 5 loaves were not enough to feed the great multitude.The 5 brothers in Lk 16 could not keep themselves out of hades. The 5 husbands could not satisfy the woman at the well. Out of the 10 virgins, 5 were wise, 5 were foolish. The feeding of the 5,000 the lad had 5 loaves. Pyramid “capstone” would be 5-sided. 5 sparrows were sold for 2 farthings.


The Number 7 is God’s number for spiritual perfection in God’s Covenant relationship with man.  7 is God’s complete provision in His dealings with men.

7 means to be fully satisfied, having had enough and being complete.  There are many examples of the number 7 being used to represent completeness in scripture.

Besides the 7 redemptive names of God, another example is in Creation. On the 7th day God rested because He had finished all His Work and was now at rest.  Adam’s 1st day of existence (being created on the 6th day) saw Adam enter a relationship and lifestyle of rest.  Everything had been created for Him, there was nothing that He could add to what God had done. The work was complete!

This is the REST that we now have in Christ when we rest in His provision and cease from all our works!


The Number 10 is God’s perfect number and  means completion because there is nothing wanting or left to do.

It is completeness of order, marking the entire round of anything, is, therefore, the ever-present signification of the number ten. It implies that nothing is wanting; that the number and order are perfect; that the whole cycle is complete.

Examples: 10 lepers of Lk17:12, 10 days of Dan1:12, 10 righteous of Gen18:32, 10 ‘perfect’ generations of Noah, 10 days from Trumpets to Yom Kippur, Dan2:41’toes’, 10 horns – Rev17:2.  10 Patriarchs before the Flood. 10 plagues on Egyptians, 10 Commandments. Of the 10 virgins, 5 were wise and 5 foolish (Mt. 25:2).

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