Do you have trouble with Faith & Grace?

Grace, Faith and Healing!

Do you have trouble with Faith & Grace in regards to Fertility or Healing? Many are so afraid of getting caught up in the works of the flesh and self effort that they don’t apply the works of faith. Now note that what we do doesn’t earn from God, or move God BUT it moves us into what God has freely provided. So Faith doesn’t earn but positions us to receive what God has ALREADY done by His Grace! To walk in victory it is also important to understand…

  • Jesus Finished work of the Cross
  • Your Position in the Kingdom
  • The unchanging nature and character of God

When you have a good understanding of these 3 areas then faith will no longer be an issue!

2 New Audio Messages

Grace and Fertility!
Recorded Saturday 27th April God’s Plan for Pregnancy Encouragement Meeting

Grace, Faith and Healing!
Recorded Church Service Sunday 12th May

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