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You are Already Healed!

Testimony by Nikki

After an amazing year of raising our first son, we decided to try for another baby. After months and months and then a year after trying, I went to the Dr and found out I wasn’t ovulating. I was devestated and confused because I had all the symptoms of ovulation. I bought the predictor sticks and they were all coming out positive. There was no medical explanation as to why I wasn’t ovulating. After the year went by, we tried Clomid which had helped us have our first son (who was concieved within three months). The Clomid was doing it’s job, my follicles were the perfect size so we were told to go home, have fun and good luck! After 4 months of this same routine, hundreds of dollars and several tears later, we decided to let go and let God. I’ve always been a faithful person and God has most certainly answered many, many, many prayers for me. BUT, as I’ll explain in a few minutes, I didn’t know God at all. I got angry. Very angry. Why, why all of a sudden am I hearing about so many girls I know getting pregnant? Some who weren’t even trying and some who can’t afford it or really are not in the best situation to have a baby. I had a beautiful almost 2 year old, a nice home, a loving and supportive husband. I didn’t understand!!

One morning, I was getting ready for work and I finally just lost it. I looked up to the ceiling, and screamed at the God I had always thought I knew “Why, why?? What have I done wrong?? I will never ask you for anything again!” After a few days, I felt sorry for what I had said but I still had a bitterness in my heart. I had done everything I could think of. I bought the fancy teas, the Royal Jelly (horrendous!) the magic fertility oil. I tried a diet of avacado and sardines. Oh yeah. I had turned myself into a infertile lunatic.

Very early one morning, I couldn’t sleep so I got up and turned on my laptop. I started to search the internet for infertility prayers (I had tried to tell myself that I didn’t need God but I knew that was wrong.) I ended up on YouTube and found Nerida Walker’s Conception Prayer. I liked her right away as she was so positive and genuine about everything. I heard her say “Your Dr says you can’t have a baby but God says you can”. I looked up and listened to more of her lectures on her YouTube Channel and each one I learned something new. “God is always good. Healing and love is not what he does but who He is” I also got to know Jesus. I really had never thought much about him but then she explained that Jesus is God in human form. He lived and died to save us. All the sin, disease, hatred, pain, evil, etc was placed on Him and it all died with him. So while I’m here waiting for God to heal me, he already had. 2000 years ago. He was waiting for me! Just when I told Him I had given up on Him, he was just getting started with me and that’s when he introduced me to Nerida’s Ministry.

The very next month, I kept Nerida and God of course right with me wherever I was. On day 28, I got a period. Even though I was a bit sad about yet another period, I realized I had never had a perfect cycle in my life! This was a good thing. It meant my body was on the right track! A few nights later, I was laying in bed and Jesus spoke to me. He told me that he and His father felt my body should have a 28 day cycle to make sure everything was in working order. I decided for the next month, I would not accept any negative thoughts. I had learned so much and now was the time to apply it to my life. I commanded my ovaries to produce a perfect sized follicle and to ovulate. I commanded my body to work the way God designed it to. I was not commanding God but commanding my body to listen to him.

On day 27 the next month, I made the walk to the bathroom to take the test which I had done so many times before. I did the test, put it down and waited. And waited. I saw he first line and then a negative line. My heart sank. God said “Stop! Look again” Slowly, the beautiful third line appeared. I rubbed my eyes ( it was early) and held it under the light. The positive test I thought I’d never see again was in my hands. It took two years of pain but two months for God to open my eyes to Him once I let Him. He was there all along and just had the wrong idea.

All went well until my 7th week, I felt a dampness. I had started to bleed a bit but no pain or cramping. Naturally, I panicked but then I stopped and remembered all that Nerida had taught me. Now wasn’t the time to lose it. I had my husband get me her book “God’s Plan for Pregnancy” which I kept in my purse and I read the miscarriage prayer. (Get this book!)  God once again spoke to me and explaned that I was not losing my baby. I had some old blood still in my uterus that hadn’t emptied from my last period and  it has to come out. It’s not good for that to be around the baby. I had an ultrasound the next day and my baby was perfect. A tiny live wire and exactly the right size with a strong little heartbeat. Thank you, God!

So now, I am in my 6th month. Feeling great. Mason James will be completing our family in the middle of August 2013. About a month ago, I was told I had Placenta Previa which means the placenta is covering the cervix when it should be on the top of my uterus. I took charge of it, I commanded it move up where it should be and within DAYS, an ultrasound showed it had moved up to where it should be!

Nerida showed me that life is not a ticking time bomb. Jesus suffered and died so we could live. He did that for each and every one of us. You don’t have to accept any illness or diagnosis. They are lies!! God already healed you! Live! Enjoy it!

Nikki May 2013

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