Miracle Baby Victor

Miracle baby Victor

The things that happen when you stand on God’s promises! The doctors gave us a 3% chance of conceiving! And here we are holding our first born in our arms! Victor Jacques van der Sandt was born 8th of September. He is healthy and very strong! My pregnancy was without issues, smooth sailing you may say and I kept on training till the end, daily standing on the Lord’s provision for us. Now I still listen to your Audio Messages and standing on the Word also for breast feeding and of course our second baby in the near future! And wherever I go I speak the Truth, it is all very exciting! I thank the Lord for your obedience and for this ministry! May you be abundantly blessed!

P.S. Our story was very similar to your, my husbands sperm count was extremely low and the motility of the available sperm was a case of it having either two heads or three tails, which cause our chances of being 3%. I was also already 40, 41 when Victor was born, so from a medical (worldly perspective) it seemed almost impossible. What made it even more challenging is the fact that my husband works abroad…and is away from home from 6-12weeks at a time.

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FAQ 30 – How do I let go and let God?

Are you tired of praying, trying to stay positive, trying to trust God month after month?

Do you find yourself feeling great for a couple of months but then find you can then become easily discouraged, lose hope and crash emotionally?

If we are all honest with ourselves then I am sure we have all been there at some stage in our journey.  If so, don’t condemn yourself because you are not alone.

Sometimes we can become so fixated on our breakthrough that we fall into performance mode. This is when we start doing everything we can in our own ability and strength. This includes all the God-things like praying, declaring, fasting and trying to build our faith to name a few.  These are things that any believer can easily do BUT it is very easy to get stuck on the treadmill of self-effort where we continue in this mode month after month and sometimes year after year with no breakthrough in sight. We can also find ourselves starting to play the blame game by either blaming God or blaming ourselves. We blame God when we place the outcome on ‘His will’, “His plan” or upon ‘His timing’.  We blame ourselves when we become introspective and focus on what we might be missing or on what we could be doing better. However, both views are like a double edged sword because they can keep us trapped in our own natural ability and upon the same performance treadmill.  

Does this speak to you? If so are you ready to jump off this treadmill once and for all and learn how to “let go” and “let God”?

How do you “let go” and “let God” you might ask? Its as simple as stop striving in your own might, power and ability and learn how to let God’s might, power and ability flow instead!

This solution is simple and sometimes this answer appears so simple that the performance side of us can’t let go from all the striving. Surely we can help God out, right? Surely there is something we can do on our part to help God along? Surely we can keep pushing and striving and praying hard enough so that one day this blockage will weaken and we’ll then see the breakthrough? Nope! Isn’t this what you have already been doing all along? As far as the natural circumstances go, where has this gotten you?

First we need to change the way we how see God and what we believe about how He works (or doesn’t work). This is because what we believe about God will fuel how we act and respond to our circumstances and also how we act towards Him. This is why many continue to push (Pray Until Something Happens) by trying to move the hand of God or trying to make something happen.  But this is the wrong focus because it places us on the wrong side of the Cross.

Always remember that God has already answered ALL your prayers when He sent His son (His Word) into this fallen world! Jesus is God’s answer to you and to every prayer need you will ever have. His work is FINISHED and this includes all God’s actions towards your fertility issues! God has ALREADY dealt with ALL the sickness and diseases including those that cause barrenness and miscarriage through the finished work of the Cross! The price has been paid and the victory ALREADY won for you! So the truth is that all the praying, declaring, fasting, asking and begging you do does NOT move God. God has ALREADY moved on your behalf over 2000 years ago. If you can come to a place where this truth becomes revelation it will change the way you pray forever! This will also help you to be established in God’s love toward you knowing that He is ALWAYS with you, for you and on your side!

Secondly, we need to continually renew our mind with the truth that God CANNOT withhold the healing blood of Jesus from us. He CANNOT break or altar His Covenant! This means that He also CANNOT block, stop, or delay what He has already freely provided and established through His son. The work Jesus did on the cross including healing of barrenness is not a future tense promise to be fulfilled but a past tense PROVISION waiting for us to lay hold of it.  Can you now see why we don’t need to pray, beg or ask God for what we have already  inherited? What we are lacking and the ONLY THING we need from God is REVELATION on this truth so we can then learn how to make use of it to see this outworking in our lives!

Don’t jump ahead, don’t strive, stop trying to make things happen. You can’t any yay so please give up! Striving in your own self ability and performance will only wear you out! God’s power and the supernatural does NOT flow by your might or by your power BUT by the Spirit of the Lord! And where does the Spirit of Lord reside? He dwells IN YOU!

So how do you rest in God’s power IN YOU to let it flow and not get caught back up in your own self-effort and performance?

It is through relationship!

What will be the most beneficial to you in life as well as in your journey is to learn how to lean on Him by learning how to hear His voice and how to draw encouragement from Him. This will require you to to ‘be still’ at times in His presence by not ‘doing’ but by ‘being’ with Him. Allow God  the time to reveal Himself to you and show you how to “let go” of your striving, your worry and all your fears. As you learn to hear Him the Spirit of God Himself can then lead you in your victory by showing you what to do or not do and also where to go or to not go. You cannot rush this journey. This is a wonderful life-long journey of discovering the goodness of God and what He has done through His son for you. Jesus said before He left this earth that the role of His Spirit among many things is to lead you into all truth and take from what is His and what belongs to Him and make it KNOWN to you. Your breakthrough may be determined by “Will you let Him?”

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FAQ 29 – How to overcome Jealousy


Why do we continue to struggle to experience our victory while everyone else experiences the very breakthrough we are standing and believing for? It just doesn’t seem fair! We try to keep our heart in the right place but how do you deal with those feelings that overwhelm you and try to steal your joy? Nerida shares from the heart on how to not let feelings of jealousy or discouragement overwhelm you when others experience their breakthrough.

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Miracle Baby Nathan


Miracle After Losing 3 Babies!

Ranjita from India writes,

I wanted to share my testimony about how God has been so good to me and my husband, Menino.

Menino and I were married in 2007 and we have lost 3 babies. When we were first told we were pregnant in my first pregnancy, we were happy and excited but around 8 weeks the doctor could not find a heart beat so I underwent a D&C. We were hurt and broken on why it had happened but we went on in life.

The second time when we were we given the news that we were pregnant, we were excited again. We were working in the Cayman islands and I decided to come home to India so my family could take care of me and the baby. My husband continued to work in the CI. At 20 weeks we were sent for the scan but they broke the news that we should not go on with the pregnancy because there were many complications. The baby also had many health problems and we were not given much hope that our baby would survive. But trusting God for a miracle we decided to keep the baby and were praying and asking God to heal our baby. Every time we went to the doctors they gave us the same bad news and wondered why we still kept the baby. But we were determined to see a miracle as I believed God could do all things. Around the 8 month mark I felt labour pain and was taken to the hospital. After the whole night of being in labour and still hoping I’d see my miracle, our baby was born but but she did not survive past a few hours of birth. I was broken, hurt and so angry on why did this happened to me. I went home still searching for answers. People all around me said it was God and that He knew what was best for us. However, I could not understand why my heavenly father would bless me to be a mother and then give me complications in the pregnancy and to my baby and then take my baby away. I needed answers. Soon we got pregnant again. This time we prayed and believed God and when we visited the doctor at first all looked good but then at the 20 weeks scan we were given the same news as the previous pregnancy. I did not know how to hold my self together. Again I put all that I had to trust God, praying and believing that this time God would surely turn things around and we’d have a miracle baby and prove to all the doctors and people around us to be wrong and show that the God we serve is a good God, He loves us and wanted us to have children.  Time went into the pregnancy and nothing changed. At 8 months into the pregnancy I had some pain and tests revealed there was a blockage in my intestines that had to be removed. I went into labour and this time I did not know how to react to all that was happening to me. People were praying for me and the baby. However, our baby was born and did not survive past a few hours. She too went to be with the Lord. Later the doctor had the blockage removed. I did not know why all of this was happening to us because we are good people who feared the Lord. But in all of this we never blamed God even though many people around us said otherwise.  I knew this was not from God.

While looking for answers I came across your book, God’s Plan for Pregnancy. I got a copy for myself and started reading it. I started understanding the truth that it was not what I do that can move God. He had already done what we needed to have our healthy baby. Then came 2015 and I received a word that this would be the year of my restoration. I held onto that word and the truth was a part of me. In March 2015 we got pregnant and this time I kept reminding myself of the truth I had learnt from your book and that it is my Abba’s will for me to have a healthy, full term baby. This time we went to another doctor. We had mentioned what happened in our previous pregnancies so he kept a close watch. But we serve a great God who is alive! Every doubt that the doctor had, our God proved him wrong! The doctor was surprised that all the tests came back normal. At the 20 week scan the doctor took all the measurements and kept asking me questions. This time my husband was with me and I kept reminding myself that my baby was perfectly made in God’s image and likeness – perfect in every way. At the end of the scan after I asked how my baby was he said my baby was perfect. He showed us our baby’s hands, feet and head and said “All was good”. I could see my Victory that my Jesus won for me on the Cross. Throughout the pregnancy all was well. I held onto God’s Word, enjoyed the pregnancy without any morning sickness, nothing! Then on December 2nd, 2015, our precious baby son was born. We named him Nathan Zeke. Nathan means “God has Given”.  He is such a blessing to us and is perfect in every way. God answered our prayers. He has proved Himself Faithful!

Thank you Nerida for your book, God’s Plan for Pregnancy. It helped me build my faith. God bless you and your family you are such a blessing to me and my husband. My God is a good God!


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Help, I’m discouraged! My pastors struggled to conceive & miscarried their baby. What hope is there for me?!


FAQ 28 – Help me I’m discouraged! My pastors struggled for years to conceive & just miscarried their baby. What hope is there for me?!

I know when those whom we admire and look up to face difficulties how it can be challenging to our faith. Especially when we begin to compare our lives to theirs. However, we should never look to or compare ourselves to what anyone else experiences. This is not a blessed way to judge our own circumstances.  The sad reality is that no one is immune to suffering. Pastors and leaders are also not exempt from facing childbearing challenges like infertility and miscarriage. We all live in the same fallen world where sickness and diseases like infertility and miscarriage are no respecter of persons.

However, in God’s Kingdom there is always Good News! God is not a respecter of persons either. Through the finished work of the Cross God made provision for healing for us all! ANYONE who believes in Jesus can lay hold of the victory He PROVIDED. Additionally, every single believer has already been equipped and empowered with the same Holy Spirit as Jesus!  This means that we all have the same potential to do what Jesus did and that includes seeing His supernatural nature and power outworking in our lives. We can be a believer for 5 minutes or 15 years! Our only qualification for Salvation and to experience healing is to believe in Jesus.

I therefore encourage us all to only look to Jesus! He is the author and Perfecter of our faith. He endured the Cross, bore the shame and conquered infertility and miscarriage for us. He has already paid the price and won the victory. He finished all the work and that is why He is now seated and resting at the right hand of the father (Hebrews 12:2). So don’t look  to what others experience or even upon your own circumstances and experiences. Instead only focus on the solution which is Jesus and His finished work!

I also wanted to mention that no one has every area of their lives perfected. We are all on our own journey of growing in God’s Kingdom and learning how it outworks in our lives. So please let your pastors and leaders off the hook! They need prayer and encouragement just like everyone else. Every believer (regardless of their title and position) has to learn how to grow in revelation, understanding and in the application of Jesus finished work.  So for this reason don’t allow what happens to others (good or bad) to discourage you.  Keep your journey between you and the Lord.  Look to Him and let Him reveal Jesus to you in your own personal circumstances. Spend time being still in His presence, learn how to discern His voice so that you can follow His leading to see His power released to transform your own life.

(c) Copyright Nerida Walker 2016. All rights reserved.

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Your LAST Childless Mothers Day


Today we are celebrating Mother’s Day in Australia. I know how painful Mother’s Day can be when you are desperately wanting children of your own. So to all who have been struggling with infertility, lack and loss in the fruit of the womb I wanted to shout out an ENCOURAGEMENT to you…

I PRAY this will be YOUR LAST CHILDLESS MOTHER’S DAY and by this time next year you will be holding your miracle babies!

Friends, don’t allow this Mother’s Day to highlight any lack in your life. Always remember you have God on your side! He sent His son, Jesus, as the last Adam to redeem mankind from everything the first Adam bought upon us. Through the finished work of the Cross Jesus paid the price for infertility and whatever causes it so that FRUITFULNESS can now abound in your Life! Jesus is now resting at the Father’s right hand and He wants you to  experience what He freely provided for you.

Looking away from all that will distract us and focusing our eyes on Jesus, who is the Author and Perfecter of faith [the first incentive for our belief and the One who brings our faith to maturity], who for the joy of accomplishing the goal set before Him endured the cross, disregarding the shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God [revealing His deity, His authority, and the completion of His work]. Hebrews 12:2 Amp

So do not lose heart today because God is ALWAYS with you, for you and by His very Spirit of  resurrection LIFE He dwells within you (Romans 8:11). As His child you have access to His power so you can lay hold of your breakthrough right now!

Copyright Nerida Walker 2016. All rights reserved.

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Miracle Baby Oscar

Miracle Baby Oscar

Ben and Christine write…

We started our journey to become parents about a year after we were married knowing we faced male factor infertility. We soon discovered that I also had some unexplained fertility issues including endometriosis and poor egg quality.

Initially we were solely focused on the medical support through IVF and trusting that our doctors knew best. But after a number of biochemical pregnancies both Ben and I realised there was more to it then all this. Both being active members of our Christian community and a praying couple we just felt deep down that one day we would be parents and felt God’s promise of this. And after a few years of seeking we discovered Nerida’s book and ministry website and we learnt all about God’s Plan for Pregnancy.

We began attending the Saturday meetings in Pennant Hills which strengthened our faith and knowledge that through Jesus’ finished work and God’s promises we would have our child.

Early in 2014 we went through an IVF cycle and things were the best they had ever been as we entered the 8 week scan I was nervous, but quietly hopeful. Unfortunately at this scan they couldn’t find a heartbeat and told us that was it and I should expect a period to start in the next week. We refused to accept this at the time, and went into Easter praying and hoping for a miracle. Unfortunately, after a few weeks although I hadn’t started bleeding it was clear the baby had passed and I would have to have surgery. Which ended up being the week before Mother’s Day.

This was a dark time, as it was the furthest we had ever gotten and it took us both a few months to get over it. We decided to give it one more shot early this year (2015) and this time I went into it all, just placing it into the Lord’s hands. To be honest there is nothing Ben, I or the doctor, nurses etc can do, only through our faithful God was it possible.

Overall, I would have to say that cycle was the best we have had in the 10 years we have been on this journey. Not only do we have our beautiful son, Oscar to show for it, but even the doctor was surprised at the overall result we had.  But we know it was through Jesus’ finished work and God’s promise to us that it was all possible.

Unfortunately or fortunately the story doesn’t completely end there. In the third trimester of the pregnancy I began having issues with my blood pressure and ended up on medication. At 35 weeks and 4 days I had a really bad pain in my chest which sent me to hospital where we discovered I had a condition known as HELLP. For both mine and the baby’s sake he had to be delivered early the next morning via Caesarean Section. Although it wasn’t the best delivery, I know the Lord intervened and was with us here too. Ben was working away and arrived just in time to be prepared to come to theatre with me and see the baby when it was born and after a slight complication with a bowel obstruction following the surgery, by the start of the following week I was back up and beginning to come off my blood pressure tablets. At this time I learnt that HELLP is life threatening for both baby and mother and in my case the midwives and doctors at the hospital were rather concerned for me as they watched my condition change on the night I went in. I on the other hand, trusted that the Lord would see both my baby and I through and now we are home and about to enjoy our first Christmas with him, I can attest that God was with us that night and throughout the many weeks that followed.

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New Life News March / April 2016

NLM pic 2

New Life Ministries Newsletter March / April 2016 Edition.

To view newsletter click on link: New Life News March / April 2016

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Miracle Baby Charlotte


It seems only fitting to be writing our testimony on Easter weekend. Jesus died for us, which means ‘it is finished’ infertility and miscarriage are finished. The sin of sickness is finished. This notion of ‘it is finished’ took a long time to move from a ‘rented’ notion to an ‘owned’ notion in our hearts. We had read Nerida’s book on God’s Plan for Pregnancy, listened to many testimonies and had such great faith however we had not ‘owned’ this idea of Jesus dying on the cross that we will no longer walk this painful journey of barrenness. Today at Easter, Jesus died with our sins and with the sins wronged against us- being infertility. He triumphed over the death that sin causes.

We were the couple that got married young, travelled all over the world together, have great jobs and had the ‘five year plan.’ We were going to have children after five years of marriage. Life had been easy for us, our faith was ‘strong,’ but had actually never been tested. We had never been through a storm in life. Life was black and white. When people had hard times we thought they needed to pull themselves together, stop showing weakness and look at the glass half full. We didn’t understand pain and we certainly had never put our faith to the test.

In 2013 we got told that we had a male factor issue that was preventing us from falling pregnant. However our faith was strong, we were going to fall pregnant naturally and we were just going to have to be patient and test this power of prayer that we had been telling others about for years. After a year nothing had happened, month after month heartache and diminishing faith. We kept telling ourselves all we need is mustard seed faith. People were praying for us endlessly and prophecies given that people see us with children in our future. These were little bits of hope that we hung on too but heartache and frustration accompanied.

Until May 2014 when the miraculous happened, we fell pregnant naturally. No intervention needed- we did it, God did it, and the rest will be history…. After praying, declaring exodus 23.26 ‘none shall miscarry or be barren,’ tragedy struck. Our storm was not over and the realisation that it’s about to get more difficult. We miscarried at 8 weeks. This didn’t make sense, as there was no female issue, I was perfectly healthy. We just needed to ‘get pregnant.’ We were angry, our hearts were aching, and we just couldn’t understand why God ‘would allow this.’ Then the realisation happened that we still did not honestly understand or believe that ‘it is finished…’ Through this pain of losing the pregnancy we developed empathy for people that we never had for others. This real understanding of loss and pain and anger with God and the world allowed our hearts to soften to the heartache that people go through with unanswered prayers and desires for their lives. This miscarriage made us get stuck into literature and bible verses about suffering. Made us ask the hard questions, does God allow and even cause suffering? No simple task to get your head around. We had listened to numerous sermons on this before but never had the depth of pain to allow us to really think about this question and make an attempt to answer it.

By January 2015 we were full of faith again and knew that it was our turn. We were prepared to accept some medical intervention, as we felt convicted in our hearts that this too is part of our journey. Our hearts were convicted that Jesus took away our sins at the cross-including sickness and bareness and something in our faith journey had shifted. We were determined that God wanted us to feel this deep joy that comes from parenting. The bible speaks of this joy in psalm 113:9 and psalm 127:5. We had been reading about it for two years now. We wanted this joy!

We started attending the God’s Plan for Pregnancy Support Meetings run by Nerida and her team. We attended the February 2015 meeting and that month we fell pregnant. We believe that at that time and at that meeting we had grasped that Jesus died to take away our sins of this world and that we will be parents. With a positive pregnancy test came relief and joy that were indescribable but then the panic and immense anxiety kicked in. We were petrified of losing this pregnancy to the point where it was robbing us of the joy it brought. I would spend hours on end in prayer and declaring life into my womb. Then the devil reminded me that I had prayed and declared last time. Look what happened? I knew I needed a prayer warrior in my corner, someone who would pray against this anxiety. Nerida became that person. She prayed for ‘a boring pregnancy’ for me to carry to full term, to not have morning sickness and for great enjoyment in this season. I got that all and more. I loved my pregnancy and whenever the fear crept in I would phone my prayer warrior and we would get on top of this doubt.

I do believe Jesus carried us through the nine months in small ways through people and moments that others may see as coincidence but we saw as faith nuggets from heaven. For example, every time we went for a scan when we were driving to the scan or even in the radiology the same song would come on. When we had our scans the same people who scanned us when we had a miscarriage scanned us this time, which my husband said God told him He was ‘rewriting the wrongs of the past.’ Many times when we needed to be reminded of God’s promise of Exodus 23- we saw a rainbow to remind us that God keeps his promises.

We did not know the gender of our baby until she was born and it was the best surprise of our lives. Our beautiful baby girl arrived in November 2015 safely and it was a day we will treasure forever. The deep deep joy that we have felt for this baby girl is indescribable. When she is niggly at 2am we rejoice and sing praises of thanks to God that we get to do this because of His sacrifice. Our daughter is such a gentle soul and is an answer to prayer is many ways. We named her Charlotte, which means ‘free man.’ We only knew the meaning after we called her Charlotte, as my husband just loved the name. After we realised the meaning, we thought that it was very appropriate as she is here because we are ‘free from sin and sickness’ in this world. We are ‘free men’ because Jesus died for us. This is what Nerida says throughout her book.

We are aware that other people are still on this journey and many people may think two and a half years is not that long to wait for a baby but it was the longest wait of our lives. It was a lesson in patience, faith and how strong our marriage was. We were brought to our knees constantly. In a world where we can pretty much have anything and satisfy our instant need for gratification, this was the one thing we could not get with our own strength.  This journey has brought us to know the intimacy of the perfect and mysterious plan that our Creator had when he sent his son Jesus. We have truly and deeply got to know Jesus through walking the highs and lows of life praising him all the way through. We have a better marriage and are more in love as we held each other’s arms up in prayer when the other was weak. We were encouraged to be like Aaron and Hur holding Moses hands up in battle. We needed to hold each other’s arms up in prayer. We are so grateful for the support of family and friends who cried with us, prayed and declared life with us, and most of all believed it would happen for us. We are also thankful to Nerida’s ministry for guiding us through this season. We would love to be prayer warriors for others if you require prayer.

In closing if there is one word we can use to describe our journey and even now in parenthood is GRATEFUL. Grateful to Jesus for dying on the cross, grateful we get to be parents to Charlotte and even grateful for the storm that we have come to know Jesus more deeply and our faith strengthened.


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