Miracle Conception without ovulating!


Miracle sons, Mason 2 and Logan 5

Nikki writes…

My husband and I tried to conceive for 2 years to have another baby!

When we conceived our first miracle son, I was not ovulating. We had tried Clomid and were told it didn’t work because I was not ovulating (Keep this in mind). 3 weeks later we found out we were pregnant! After our sons first birthday, we began trying again. After a few months, we had some tests and again it was revealed that I was not ovulating. During this time I tried every magic fertility trick I could find, even eating sardines and avocados. I also used $15 magic fertility oil and Royal Jelly ( nasty nasty). I found myself angry with God. I had always had faith but here I was trying to do God’s work. Anyway, I didn’t sleep well and one night I was wide awake very early one morning so I went on my lap top. This is how I found Nerida’s ministry. I listening to her messages on and she gave me such hope. I bought her books It is Finished and God’s Plan for Pregnancy. I hung on to every word. When the world says no, God days YES! Jesus already fought this battle for me when he died on the cross. He was waiting for me! I decided I had enough. I am fertile. I can have more children. 1 month later I had a perfect 28 day cycle. The next month I found out I was pregnant. Nothing is impossible with God! Nothing!

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FAQ Someone said “Babies are a gift but not guaranteed” Is this true?


‘Someone recently told me that “Babies are a gift but are not a guarantee”. Is this true?’

The short answer is that God’s provision for Fruitfulness is a guarantee BUT it is not guaranteed that every couple will experience fruitfulness.

In fact, knowing God’s plan of redemption for mankind is a crucial key to understanding fruitfulness.

It is vital that whenever you come across someone’s advice, blog post, teaching or opinion always rightly divide the information you receive through the filter of Jesus’ finished work and your position within the New Covenant.

Jesus said that the traditions and doctrines of men make His word to no effect. Statements like this one you were given also make Jesus’ finished work to no effect! They can also cause confusion and make God’s will hard to understand. The Good news however, is that God’s plan, purpose and will for your life is very easily determined. Read my blog post “God’s will is known” here - http://hannahsvictory.com/blog/2013/04/30/gods-will-is-known/.

Once again, it is very important that you have an understanding of what God’s will is for your life which includes fruitfulness as part of the New Covenant.  In short, God’s will for your life is Jesus! So when you know who He is and what He has already done then you will know what is already freely available to you today!

God’s Plan of Fruitfulness is for ALL Mankind!

1) CREATION – God created ALL THINGS to be good. He also created mankind to be fruitful! Sickness, disease, infertility and miscarriage did not exist because God did not create them (Genesis 1:26-28).

2) THE FALL – Barrenness and all of its causes are consequences of the fall. Death entered through sin (Romans 5:12). This is the reason why many are suffering today! We live in a fallen world, with fallen men and there is an adversary.

3) REDEMPTION – God sent Jesus as the solution and He redeemed mankind from the Fall, That’s right! Jesus was the LAST ADAM that came and redeemed mankind from everything that the first Adam brought upon us. The price has been paid and the victory already won for you. The PROVISION has already been made available. God has done all the work and He now wants you to freely partake in and make use of it.

4)  ALL BELIEVERS – have been equipped and empowered with the SAME HOLY Spirit who empowered Jesus. The same Spirit of power that enabled Jesus to heal the sick and who also who raised Jesus from the dead now dwells within you (Romans 8:11). So you now have everything you need in Jesus to be able to walk in victory over any sickness or infertility issue.

5) NEW COVENANT – We have everything we need through Jesus’ finished work and the ministry of the Holy Spirit to walk in victory over barrenness!  If we are not seeing this manifesting in our lives it is NEVER because God has stepped in and is withholding the healing blood of Jesus or preventing it from outworking in our lives!

Want more information on this? read more on my blog post on “God’s Timing” here -http://hannahsvictory.com/blog/2010/09/22/gods-timing/

Always remember that God CANNOT take back what He has already freely provided!

Romans 11:29 in The Message says: “ God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty—never canceled, never rescinded.”

Finally, God has already won the battle for us and given us everything we need to experience our breakthrough. However, this does not guarantee that every couple will experience healing or have children of their own because what each couple does with Jesus’ finished work is up to them. God has already finished and completed His work but He cannot force His blessings upon people. 1 Corinthians 13:5 in The Message says Love “Does not force itself on others”. God is love and He cannot force His will or way upon us. We need to learn how to be led by Him to see His power released in our lives. If couples are not experiencing fruitfulness it is NEVER because God is blocking healing or fruitfulness. The main reason is due to a sickness, disease or complication operating somewhere in either the husband or wife’s life. God is never the cause of the problem but He is the solution.

While the provision for healing of barrenness is already freely available, this does not mean the breakthrough will automatically manifest on its own. You can be certain however, that God is not the cause of the problem or delay of the breakthrough. Therefore, spend time with Him so He can reveal Himself to you as the author of healing and fruitfulness. Also so that He can reveal to you how to see His power be released to transform your natural circumstances.

Want More?

For more teaching and scriptural background on Fertility to help renew your mind visit www.neridawalker.com and click on God’s Plan for Pregnancy Resources

I have a Faith & Fertility Audio Download Series (also available on USB) with 10 Audio Messages on God’s Plan for your Fruitfulness. Each message is also available separately as individual Audio downloads - http://neridawalker.com/faith-fertility-usb/

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Victory over Miscarriage with Twins


April writes,

My husband and I had been believing God for a baby for 5 years, when I found out I had very severe endometriosis. We had gone through 2 rounds of clomid, and had 2 IUI’s at this point and nothing had worked when we found out about it. We went to see 5 different fertility specialists to find out what could be done about the endo and the prognosis was pretty bad. Two of the specialists recommended a hysterectomy because the endo was that severe! We prayed that God would manifest healing in my body. Finally, we saw a specialist who said she could do a deep excision surgery. I underwent surgery to have the painful endometriosis removed in January of 2014 and the surgery took 7 hours! From the surgery, we found out that both of my fallopian tubes had been fused shut from all of the scar tissue from the endometriosis and that my egg quality and egg count had been seriously diminished due to the endo that enveloped both of my ovaries. The doctors thought that I had a case of long-standing endometriosis that had probably been active for about 10 years, but was never diagnosed. We were given a 2-4% chance of conceiving with my own eggs, even with IVF.

After praying about it, we decided to go for a round of IVF, against the advice of our doctors who really wanted us to use donor eggs (and even then, they gave us little hope). We became pregnant in May, 2014 with our first round and were overjoyed!
Our doctors were pretty shocked, but seemed happy for us. We saw our little baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound screen at just 5 weeks, then again at 8 weeks. But, I started spotting right after our 8-week ultrasound and two weeks later, I went through a very painful natural miscarriage. Needless to say, I was devastated and couldn’t understand how a heart could simply stop beating. That’s when I found out about “God’s Plan for Pregnancy” and I began watching all of Nerida’s messages on her Youtube Channel. My faith increased so much and I thank God that I found out about His finished work! My husband and I decided that we wanted to try again.

On December 3, 2014, we had 2 embryos transferred. One was a pretty good quality embryo and the other wasn’t such good quality. However, because of our advanced age, it was recommended that we transfer 2. Our doctor said she’d be floored if both actually “took”. Two weeks later, we found out we were pregant! However, I began bleeding heavily at 6 weeks while at the grocery store. As soon as I saw the bright, red blood, I started crying and got the same sinking feeling I’d had just 5 1/2 months earlier when we miscarried. Almost instantly, though, all of the scriptures I’d heard/learned and the sermons and testimonies I’d seen/heard on Youtube through Nerida’s ministry came to me. I began saying scriptures out loud and standing on God’s word that we wouldn’t lose our pregnancy. My husband and I rushed to the ER and the bleeding got worse. We continued praying and believing; quoting scriptures together.  I was taken to have an internal ultrasound after waiting in the ER for about 2 hours. I prayed the entire time I was having the ultrasound, as the screen was turned away from me by the ultrasound tech. When I was wheeled back to the ER hospital room, the devil tried to tell me, “Well, it’s happening again. Get ready for them to tell you that your baby is dead”. I began rebuking the devil and proclaiming God’s word over and over again. Finally, the doctor came to the room and announced that there were 2 strong heartbeats!! He said that we were pregnant with fraternal twins! He cautioned us that there was an SCH near “Baby B” and that it could cause another miscarriage. We did not receive that report and began thanking God for healthy twins.

I was on bedrest for 4 weeks, and had 2 other substantial bleeding episodes during that time. We continued to resist the devil (he tried day and night to torment me, but I fought back and proclaimed God’s word aloud. At my next ultrasound with my high-risk OB, the blood clot was tiny–only the size of a tiny marble. Two weeks later, it was completely gone–thank you, Jesus!

We continued praising God for two, healthy babies throughout our pregnancy and asking God to give us wisdom to work with our doctors. Because of my age, and because of some research I’d read on twin pregnancies and older Moms, I asked to be monitored 2 x’s a week starting at 31 weeks. My doctor fought me on it, but I felt strongly that I was supposed to do that.  I was hospitalized twice due to abnormal tracings during monitoring (heart decelerations and lack of movement), but the Lord preserved the babies. I was allowed to go home after both hospital stays and the babies held on! At 36 weeks, I went to my monitoring appointment and felt that something had changed. The babies had abnormal tracings and we were taken to Labor and Delivery for more monitoring. After 4 hours, the babies were finally doing better and we were told we could go home. However, I didn’t feel right about it and began praying to ask God what I should do. I felt that I should insist on the babies being born that day. The doctor really fought me on that, because she had scheduled me for a c-section late the following week. But, I cited the fact that my babies had other abnormal tracings in prior weeks and that I firmly felt that something had changed. I felt like they were telling us it was time for them to come out. My husband and I continued praying that God would show us what needed to be done.
Finally, after 6 hours of monitoring, the doctor came in and said that “Baby B” had more heart decelerations as a result of my light contractions and that she needed to do a c-section in an hour. We took that as the answer to our prayers and agreed to it. Our babies were born on July 27, 2015 and our son had the chord wrapped around his neck (which is why he’d had abnormal tracings during monitoring that day) and our daughter hadn’t gained any weight in 2 1/2 weeks (which is why she had stopped moving around–no energy). My doctor said she was really glad we delivered them that night instead of waiting. God knew!

We thank God for our healthy babies, Zachary and Zoe, who spent only about 3 hours in the NICU for evaluations and were just fine. Praise God!!! Don’t give up, friends. Trust Him, delight in Him, declare His words to remind yourselves of it, continue praising Him. Jesus did this for us and He will do it for you, too!



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How to Experience Jesus Finished Work Audio Series



One thing I’m often asked by those who understand the provision we already have through the finished work of the Cross is “How do I see this outworking in my life?”.  I have compiled 4 of my recent messages that I pray will help answer this question and help you to cross the line from barrenness into FRUITFULNESS in every area of your life!

Messages in this Series

  1. How to Let go and Let God
  2. Ministry of the Holy Spirit
  3. Redefining the Prayer of Faith
  4. In Jesus Name, Amen!

This Audio Series is available on USB for $25 or as a an MP3 download Bundle for $20.   These messages are also available as individual Audio Message Downloads for $4.99 each.

USB $25 Click on link to order: https://neridawalker.cartloom.com/cart/quickbuy/122629

Audio Bundle Download $25 Click on link to download now: http://neridawalker.cartloom.com/shop/item/122628


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Nerida sharing in Singapore 2015



CLICK HERE for more information and for session times and location

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Conception After 9 years of Endometriosis & Irregular Cycles!


Ester writes…

SHALOM everyone…… I am a 39 year old super excited mum from Zimbabwe. I got married on the 17th of May 2003. Me and my husband suffered a great deal due to barrenness and could not conceive for 9 years. The doctors had diagonised me with endometrious and i could not menstruate monthly so i had irregular menses. I was advised to lose weight etc so as to conceive. At the time was weighing about 82kg. i could not understand because i had failed to conceive from the time that had gotten married when i was weighing only 65kg. So we prayed and waited upon God and believed all this time.
One day i got a revelation of faith. What is FAITH. It is the evidence of things not seen but desired. At once i believed my children are already there. God took me to Mark 11 v 22-24…If you believe and not doubt in your heart you will have what so ever you will SAY (paraphrased). My Eyes were opened more and more. I got revelation that ii have to change my SAYING. Never ever did i relate my ordeal of endometriusis or barrenness. I never repeated the doctor’s words ever. I started speaking what the Bible said about my situation.

I got Ps 113 v 9-10 that says He makes the barren woman to keep house and be a joyful mother of children. i declared this scripture all the time. I started telling people to stop worrying or even praying for me as i already have my children per the scripture especially leaders and my pastor’s wives. In 2012 as sure as God’s word is i began to menstruate normally and then i conceived. I WAS OVER EXCITED. Unfortunately on the 4th of november after about 31/2 months i miscarried. I was devastated but as i cred told God these same hands that wipe my tears now will definately be holding my baby this time next year.

In January 2013 i conceived and exactly after 38weeks on the 17th of October 2013 i gave birth to my bouncIng baby boy EMMANUEL MEHLULI MOYO. And all my tears were wiped away at once. The void in my heart was filled at once. GOD IS TRUE, FAITHFUL AND REAL. I met Nerida Walker through my moments of googling and endless searches for a baby and i was inspired a lot. I love this site.


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Baby Ewa Testimony


I was diagnosed with endometrial ovarian cysts in both ovaries. It caused me pain and doctors said I would have to have surgery to remove them if I wanted to have babies. I was in a state of sadness and confusion when I stumbled upon Nerida’s ministry. Overtime I didn’t have terrible pain anymore but I still wasn’t pregnant despite charting and all. To make the story short, I saw 3 different doctors in three different countries and it was the same diagnosis. The third doctor said “You can’t pray it away. You have to have surgery to have babies”. I never saw that Dr again. 2 months after he said that, I conceived! Even though I charted that cycle, I never identified an ovulation date. It was as if I didn’t have one. I had come to a place where I truly believe God wasn’t withholding from me. So my prayer became “Lord I receive my babies with thanksgiving”. Also I had an amazing pregnancy. No morning sickness, I had energy and amazing appetite. God is good.

Baby Ewaoluwa (God’s beauty) arrived 2weeks ago, a day after my birthday! She sleeps fine and eats like a champ. Despite the doctor’s report, I am a mom! Whether or not youve had your baby, God has made you and I joyful mothers of children. I pray we receive all that God has freely given us in Jesus name!

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Andrew & Lynette Yeo

Andrew_lynette 2

My dear friend Andrew shares his amazing testimony of his journey from male factor sterility to being the joyful father of TWINS!

Keep reading...

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FAQ 20 – Why does God allow people to conceive babies who are only going to abuse, abandon or abort them?



Recently, I saw a video of a parent harming their baby. I have seen babies and children being molested, abused and murdered but these people keep on having children. I just don’t understand.  If a baby is a miracle and blessing from God, why does he allow people to have children that are only going to abuse, abandon or abort them?

The simple answer is that the people you mentioned are simply abusing their fruitfulness!

Always remember that at Creation, God created mankind to be fruitful. Since then, God has been resting. We know this because Genesis 2:2 says that on the seventh day God rested from ALL His work.

Many couples still reproduce and multiply today all from what God originally created within Adam and Eve at Creation. So it is not like God is in heaven handing out babies to anyone who has intercourse. When couples have unprotected intercourse and there is nothing wrong in their bodies they will continue to conceive. Therefore, God is not giving babies to those who don’t want them and then withholding from His own blood bought Covenant children!

Infertility and miscarriage, along with all other forms of sickness, disease and death entered as a result of the fall. Therefore, the reason why many don’t conceive is due to a sickness, disease or complication at work preventing fruitfulness from flowing.

We live in a fallen world where sickness, disease or complications can occur in anyone’s life (believer and unbeliever alike). BUT from the foundation of the world God foresaw what would happen AND He provided the solution. At the right time He sent Jesus as the last Adam who redeemed mankind from everything the first Adam bought upon us!

Always remember the New Covenant! IT IS FINISHED – The price has been paid and the victory ALREADY won for you!

When Jesus hung on the Cross He bore all our sin (the root of all our problems) and along with sin He also bore and disarmed the Fruit (the outworking of sin) such as sickness and disease, guilt, shame, infertility and miscarriage! This means that Jesus paid the price for WHATEVER is preventing your children from being conceived, carried and born safely in this world. The provision for healing is there for you to lay hold of right now!

Now for your own personal breakthrough – it is time to renew your mind with the truth that God cannot block, stop, withhold or withdraw what He has already freely provided through His son. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal this truth and to show you how to partake in Jesus finished work to EXERIENCE healing in this area so that you can go forth, be fruitful and Multiply!

© Copyright Nerida Walker 2014. All rights Reserved.

To Bless you Further…

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FAQ 19 – If Jesus has already provided healing on the Cross, meaning that healing is not a promise but a provision then why am I not healed (or pregnant) yet?


Understanding Jesus finished work is only part of your victory because knowledge is not enough on its own. Otherwise, if it was this straight forward then everyone would already have their breakthrough!

For some there is a process where what they know needs time to grow so that it can start producing fruit. Making a decision and being determined to overcome is only a natural first step. God’s healing power is not released through human decision or by will power. His power flows through revelation, through relationship and through resting in His ability and not our own.

To keep this simple yet powerful, it is important to understand the following:

  1. Knowledge/Information
  2. Revelation
  3. Application
  4. Rest

1. Knowledge or Information

His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 4 Through these he has given us his very great and precious promises, so that through them you may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires. 2 Pet 1:3-4 (NIV)

It is through knowledge of God and His precious promises (His word) where we partake of God’s nature, kingdom and everything else that He has freely provided for us. Therefore dig into God’s Word to discover what Jesus did on the Cross and how to walk it out in your daily life.

Knowledge means “Knowing”

In Hosea 4:6a God says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.

The word knowledge in Hebrew in short means “to know personally by experience!” So this is not talking about mental assent or something you know about. Biblical “Knowing” is a living and active revelation. It is where you are experiencing that which you have knowledge of! It can take time for the information to become revelation! For some it takes time to learn how to overcome past experience and also the present natural circumstances. It also takes time to renew the mind to be transformed in your thinking (Romans 12:2). For some it can be more about unlearning all the traditions and doctrines of men so that the simple truth on Jesus Christ’s finished work can make you free. Finally, remember that it is also an on-going journey to learn how to walk by the Spirit by resting in Jesus’ finished work and not walk by our own natural understanding, self-efforts and performance.

2. Revelation

Unfortunately I see many simply grab the information then start with the application but revelation is important because it is the truth we know that MAKES us free.

The entrance and unfolding of Your words give light; their unfolding gives understanding, discernment and comprehension to the simple. Ps 119:130 (Amp)

If we are not transformed in our thinking and don’t have a personal revelation in that area then there may be no life or power flowing in that area of our lives.

Revelation Knowledge is Important

The truth in God’s Word needs to come alive and become real to you personally. Presumption is not faith and is not a strong foundation to stand on if you are challenged in that area. So don’t take me at my word or read about someone else’s testimony and follow it without any revelation for yourself.  You need to mediate on God’s truth until the information can become your personal revelation.

Please note that having revelation doesn’t mean that you wont be challenged. If you are challenged with adverse circumstances let the Holy Spirit continue to reveal Jesus finished work to you for your situation and lead you into what to do.

3. Application

It is the truth that we KNOW that makes us free. Once you have revelation then the application can be quite simple.

Having a personal revelation will help you to apply this truth to your life, and that can be by acting on what you believe and exercising authority over the natural circumstances. If symptoms return or persist, then simply continue to mediate upon the truth in God’s Word and continue to be led by the Holy Spirit and soon you will grow and mature in the Word and will be experiencing lasting victory. Take one day at a time and learn how to walk in victory over one symptom at a time and soon the rest will be history.

4. Rest

When revelation and understanding comes and you believe God’s Word above all else, it positions you into a place of rest. You will find that any striving, hoping, begging or pleading and desperation will fade and disappear, because you will have come to a place where you know that God’s Word is His will for you personally.

Always remember that it is not by your might or power but by God’s Spirit that you experience victory!

Therefore, make every effort to cease from your own striving and labour to enter into resting in who Jesus is and in what He has already freely purchased for you through His finished work.

Enjoy the Journey!

Finally, know that God wants you to enjoy the journey! This can be a wonderful journey where you can personally learn how to hear His voice and how to receive revelation knowledge by learning how partake in the 7-fold blessing of the ministry of the Holy Spirit! He wants to be your wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, knowledge (knowing by experience) and fear (reverential worship and awe of His goodness).

So don’t despise the time it takes to grow in this area. Ultimately God doesn’t want you to walk from healing to healing, from miracle to miracle or from emergency to emergency! He would rather you live in the abundant life that Jesus Christ purchased for you so that you can be blessed, healthy, prosperous and fruitful in every area of life!

Copyright Nerida Walker 2014. Some of the information in this post has been taken from God’s Plan for Pregnancy and It is Finished by Nerida Walker. All rights reserved.

For Further information:

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